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The best way to buy tomatoes

July 19, 2013

IMG_1860 (kopia)One of the joys of summer is to buy locally produced tomatoes. In this humble shed, on a farm out in the forest, I find the best tomatoes around. But the road there is long and meandering, with gravel on the last part. It’s really out in the sticks and amazing that people find their way to this place. Still, it’s worth it and once a week I try to drive there. Or take my bicycle if I’m feeling energetic!IMG_1842 (kopia2)Behind the curtains there are different kinds of tomatoes. I can choose between cherry tomatoes, cocktail tomatoes, beef tomatoes and regular hothouse ones. Of course I have to take a peak inside the bags before I decide which ones to get today.

IMG_1846 (kopia)I decide on cocktail tomatoes and regular ones. Then I put the money in the hole and head back home.

IMG_1855 (kopia)The tomatoes are nice on their own but I often mix them in a salad. Sometimes I eat them with a drop of balsamic vinegar from Italy and dill from my garden. Nice and easy!

IMG_1874 (kopia) (kopia)Every year I try to grow my own tomatoes but when autumn comes they are usually still green. This year I’m trying pear tomatoes and I have high hopes of seeing them turn red this summer. It’s only July so I should be lucky this year.

IMG_1863 (kopia)

Apparently there are 7 500 varieties of tomatoes around the word. You only see a handful of these in Sweden, unless you grow them yourself. I wouldn’t mind trying some more varieties but until then I’m quite happy with the ones I can get locally!

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  1. July 21, 2013 9:37 am

    Vilken underbar tomatberättelse! 🙂

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