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Walpurgis bonfire

May 5, 2013

IMG_6851 (kopia)Every year on April 30 we celebrate the arrival of Spring. It’s an old tradition and a public event. In every village bonfires are lit. This year I choose to watch a floating bonfire on Walpurgis Eve.

IMG_6732 (kopia)I followed the event from the start on this very chilly evening. The bonfire had been made on a raft and placed in a bay near Kalmar. We all waited for dusk and at half past eight the canoeists started to paddle out towards the raft. They carried torches and lit the bonfire.

IMG_6806 (kopia)

IMG_6823 (kopia)On the shore children were playing in the water and the adults listened to the choir singing spring songs.

IMG_6843 (kopia)

IMG_6744 (kopia)After leaving the celebration I was thinking: Now it’s official. Spring is here!


It’s finally Spring

April 28, 2013

IMG_5639 (kopia2)We had a long winter this year. But finally spring is here. It always start with the lovely blue wood anemones. They change in color from dark blue to light pink. Every year I try to capture them in a new way. It’s funny how you can see people laying on the ground taking pictures of them and I’m just the same! We’re spellbound by their beauty. The blue wood anemones are only here for a very short time so it’s best to enjoy them while they last.

IMG_5671 (kopia) (kopia)In this backlit shot the petals become translucent and the hairy stems shine in the sun.

IMG_5619 (kopia) (kopia)Just as the color of the petals vary so do the stamen of the anemones. In this picture the center stamens are different shades of pink. It’s a lovely time of the year and soon we’ll have plenty more spring flowers to enjoy.

Bright colors

March 19, 2013

_MG_5427 (kopia)On a bleak Winter day I got tired of photographing snow. Instead I went to my favorite abandoned industrial area. Well, at least it used to be abandoned. After finding this colorful corner, with fresh new paint, I wondered. It looked as if someone had just finished painting and left a white rug on the floor, next to a ladder. For me it became a still life with vibrant colors.

IMG_2864 (kopia)

_MG_5473 (kopia)

IMG_2878 (kopia)It was all a nice contrast to the white snow. And I found one more interesting object before leaving the place, an old Volvo resting in the snow. The snow had melted on the windscreen and the corrugated wall next to the car was seen as a reflection in it. The result was a striped car.

IMG_2847 (kopia) kopia

Spring rabbit

March 13, 2013

IMG_3415 (kopia)Early this morning I found a baby rabbit outside work. It was jumping around and not scared of me at all. I took some pictures before leaving it. But the short encounter made me think of Spring and I now believe it’s on its way!


A royal visit

March 7, 2013

IMG_2945 (kopia)Yesterday afternoon all the flags in Kalmar were raised in honor of The Swedish King and Queen’s visit. The visit to Kalmar county was part of The King’s 40th jubilee. People waited outside the cathedral to see the royals as they left a music service there at 17.25. I happened to walk past, as I was doing some shopping in town, and decided to wait around with the rest of the crowd.

IMG_2947 (kopia)The royals were punctual and exactly on time the doors to the cathedral opened and out walked The Swedish King, Carl XVI Gustaf, and his wife, Queen Silvia.

IMG_2954 (kopia) (kopia)

The King was casual in his hat and The Queen looked elegant.

IMG_2963 (kopia3)

They quickly strolled off towards the County Governor’s house. A couple of times they were stopped by people giving them flowers or wanting to say something to them.

IMG_2973 (kopia)

A final regal wave from the Queen and that was it.

IMG_2991 (kopia4)

As I walked back to the cathedral I could see the clock again. I realized that only five minutes had passed. Everything was back to business as usual and I continued with my shopping.

IMG_3022 (kopia)

Driving home on a Friday evening

March 2, 2013

IMG_2664 (kopia)Winter is slowly disappearing and the days are longer. Last night on my way home from work I enjoyed the setting sun from my car window. When I drove across this river, Alsterån, I stopped to take a couple of pictures. On the bridge I took a photo each direction. The river looked very different on either side of the bridge.

IMG_2678 (kopia)I also stopped a bit closer to home, just before the sun definitely disappeared behind the trees. From the main road I could see the last of the sun along a narrow road with old lighting poles. It was a happy drive home and a good start to the weekend.

IMG_2690 (kopia)

Cross country skiing at Aboda Klint

February 22, 2013

IMG_2611 (kopia)No need to go to the mountains for skiing, it’s all there in my backyard, in the south of Sweden! I guess we’re lucky this year, some years we hardly get any snow at all, so better make the most of it while it lasts.

IMG_2523 (kopia)Today I started up at the recreation area of Aboda Klint and climbed the outlook tower.

IMG_2535 (kopia)From the top you can see the surrounding forests and lakes. On a clear day you can see very far and all the way to the coast.

IMG_2531 (kopia)There’s a ski track that takes you around the nearest lake. First it’s all down and it only takes a couple of minutes before you reach the bottom of the hill.

IMG_2529 (kopia)Down on the lake you can see the tower and the café at the top. There’s a ski lift there too if you like to go down hill skiing.

IMG_2559 (kopia)The next bit is rather flat, you ski along the lake and soon you reach my favorite part of the track. It’s by a small river that flows into the lake. You actually ski on a bridge across it.

IMG_2589 (kopia)From the river the track takes you through the forest and up on a hill. By that time you’ve skied three kilometres according to the sign.

IMG_2605 (kopia)It’s a great run down from here. Down and down it goes and suddenly you’re by another river.

IMG_2615 (kopia)Into the forest again and soon there’s just the last bit left before you’re back up by the tower. A truly nice run on a Winter’s day.

IMG_2630 (kopia)